Expert audits

Product and application related audit and consulting services to assess product life cycle status

  • Site surveys for condition monitoring of KROHNE field instruments

  • Installed base management reporting

  • Lifecycle and spare parts recommendations

At a glance

  • General audit to supervise your installed base
  • Covers a wide range of aspects, e.g. periodical weak-point analysis, calibration check for safety and quality devices, component cleaning, general product inspections, etc.
  • Full assessment report of surveyed instrumentation
  • Consulting and recommendations for a sustainable product life cycle management

Your challenge

Plant operators often have a large installed base. It is not uncommon for equipment to have been commissioned at very different times and to have been exposed to different mechanical stresses and application-related process environments. In order to avoid downtime and keep plant availability high, active product lifecycle management offers companies decisive added value.

Our service

With its Expert Audit service, KROHNE provides customers with all the necessary information. At regular intervals agreed with the customer, the general performance and "health" of the measuring equipment is assessed, the revision status of the process instrumentation is checked or, for example, the condition of mechanical components is examined in more detail.

This can be done for the entire system or just for selected, particularly critical measuring points. A final report provides a meaningful overview of the condition of the equipment, recommends predictive maintenance activities and software updates, and can also serve as a guideline for investment and maintenance requirements.

The transparency of the installed base status also provides the customer with all the information needed for effective and timely spare parts management. The assessment and evaluation of the current equipment inventory with final reporting provides the basis for sustainable operation of the process instrumentation in use and helps to significantly extend the product life of individual devices. This saves the customer OPEX and CAPEX in the long term.

Your added value

  • Provides knowledge about the health of instruments
  • Helps operators plan maintenance ahead of time
  • Efficient management of installed base to extend instrument lifetime
  • Supports life cycle management strategies to reduce CAPEX and OPEX
  • Tailored audit reports on device status help optimise spare parts management
  • Recommendations for replacements and stock inventory

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