Message to our customers in Mexico, Central America and Caribe

Dear Clients and Friends

We appreciate your visit and we warmly welcome you to the portal KROHNE DE MEXICO, SA DE CV
KROHNE is a German company dedicated since 1921 to the development of technologies and measurement systems for process control and custody transfer in the Petroleum, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power, Steel, Mining, Water and Wastewater, Pharmaceutical, Food and Drinks. So also for OEMs OEM's.
We have extensive experience in applications for measuring volumetric flow, mass flow measurement, level measurement and temperature measurement with a large base of installed instruments in the industry worldwide. Coriolis flowmeters, ultrasonic, magnetic, vortex and rotameters are manufactured to offer the best performance in flow measurement, FMCW Radar Level Gauges and TDR Guided Wave are also manufactured to provide the best response in process tanks.
KROHNE has the biggest  and precise  volumetric flow calibration rigs in the world and has a global presence in over 63 countries and 13 manufacturing facilities in several countries.
With the opening of KROHNE DE MEXICO, SA DE CV in 2009 we can offer our equipment, measurement systems and services more directly to our customers in Mexico, Central America and Caribbean, with our highly trained engineers, we offer in each proposal, engineering services and specialized technical support for the best selection and sizing for your applications and also offer advice on the best installation and commissioning of our equipment.
Operation Assurance and equipment warranty is offered on every technical and commercial proposal KROHNE DE MEXICO, SA DE CV
We appreciate your confidence to continue growing in Mexico, Central America and Caribbean.